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For those wanting reassurance about educational achievement...

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onwardandupward Sat 20-Sep-08 19:57:14

this home educated girl just learned Italian from scratch in 8 months and ended up with a GCSE result in the top ten in the country...

There is a lovely little snippet later in the article, where she mentions her older sister who has been accepted to St Andrews University with NO A'LEVELS - she did some equivalent OU courses instead.

AbbeyA Sat 20-Sep-08 20:11:43

Is a tutorial centre much different from school?

onwardandupward Sat 20-Sep-08 20:59:40

'fraid so Abbey. The "Colchester Tutorial centre" is an agency which puts potential students and private tutors in touch with each other and takes a cut. It's a very common business model - a lot of their standard business will be after-school private tutoring in various subjects, but such agencies are also sometimes used by Home Educators who want specialist tuition for a particlar subject.

This girl and her older sister really are genuinely successfully home educated. shock

Bubble99 Sat 20-Sep-08 21:54:41

Thanks for posting this.

It is a reassuring read, as we will be starting HE next year.

AbbeyA Sat 20-Sep-08 22:09:23

Thanks-I imagined it was like a college. Does every big town have one? I am curious because when looking for a tutor I didn't know where to start.

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