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Petition to keep HE as an option in Sweden

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maverick Wed 17-Sep-08 14:38:11

A friend's daughter lives in Sweden and she applied to home-school her children a few months ago but was turned down on the grounds that their social education would suffer, which is ridiculous as they have plenty of friends and play tennis and all sorts of other activities involving other children. Apparently it is very difficult to get permission.

She got a write-up in the local newspaper about it. inte_undervisa_sina_barn_hemma%2F&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sl=sv&tl=en The boys aren't very happy at school and she is worried that their English will be behind if they come back to the UK.

'They are planning to have a peaceful demonstration in Stockholm to keep home education as an option in Sweden. Here is the online petition for those who cant go.
Please forward to anyone who you think would want to sign.
(Förnamn = first name. efternamn =surname)

And this is the link to the English translation about the issue:

Thank you.

misi Wed 17-Sep-08 21:34:49

might be worth looking into the human rights act, every EU country has a version of it.

article 2 of the human rights act states that;


No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.

this is based on the european convention on human rights that each EU country incorporated into its own statutes. if all else fails, article 2 can be taken to strasbourg to bypass national laws for reference!

good luck, home ed is an important tool for many parents and should be defended as a fundamental right.

misi Thu 18-Sep-08 11:47:27

thats article 2
of part 2,
the first protocol!!

misi Tue 23-Sep-08 22:20:35

any news?

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