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Can somone tell me about home ed please ??

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mummyloveslucy Sun 17-Aug-08 22:21:44

Hi, I'm curious about home ed. Do you need to be a teacher or very well educated yourself ?
My daughter is only 3.5 . Our primary schools are good but the seconderys are awfull. If she didn't pass 11+ I'd like to think that she wouldn't have to go to one of these seconderies.
I'd be greatful for any info. smile

mummyloveslucy Sun 17-Aug-08 22:39:12

Anybody? blush

julienoshoes Sun 17-Aug-08 22:48:19

Hello mummyloveslucy
No you do not need to be a teacher-nor do you need to have a particular standard of education your self.
The law in this country is very simple. It states a parent is responsible for ensuring that their child receives an efficient education, suitable to their age, aptitude and ability, and any SEN the child may have, at school or otherwise

Most parents pass that responsibility onto the state but a growing minority never ceded that responsibility or have taken it back.
It is the 'otherwise' bit that makes it possible.

It would be worth you reading the DCSF Elective Home Education : Guidelines for LAS as they spell out the law as it stands, explaining that we do and do not have to do.

There are some great websites to begin looking at home education-and I'll make another thread for you about them.
There are also threads on 'books about home education' which would be well worth a read and also one about finding home educators local to you. All of these would be really good places to start-I'll bump the threads for you.
These threads have been written as they answer some frequently asked questions about home education.

Then if you have some specific questions about home education, we'll try and answer them.

hope that helps

Home Educating in Worcestershire

onwardandupward Mon 18-Aug-08 10:23:33

hello mummyloveslucy! just wanted to say - i'm reading and ready to answer questions!

And no, you don't have to be a teacher or educated to a particular level, just ready to facilitate your child's learning in whatever was suits them and you best!

You might find the early years blog ring a nice place to start - lots of blogs there just chronicling daily HE life - can give you an impression of just how, well, normal lots of us are! We just don't happen to have school in our lives ATM

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:02:15

Thank you both so much. smile Those websites are very helpfull.
It's great to know that there is an alternative to school. I was bullied very badly at secondery school and would have given anything to be home educated.
I'm not saying that all children do get bullied but it's good to know that I can remove her if needsbe.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 20:06:27

hello - I home educate too, and its brilliant fun! Actually I almost suggested it to you on your other thread last night as you were not sure what to do about schooling for your DD.

Find out all you can from the websites and go along to a few groups then you can make your mind up.

I have DC at school and one at home at the moment. Would highly recommend it.

Imnotok Mon 18-Aug-08 20:11:56

I have been HE my dd since May and I am loving every minute of it ,she has slight sn which is why we took her out of school ,but I can honestly say I haven't looked back.

I am not a teacher but we tend to do things she wants to do (we are having a break atm as her siblings are on holiday from school) we make visits to the library and musuem and there are lots of good sites on the net .

Rainforest maths

A book which I found really helpful was
free range education.

It really really helped.
Good luck in whatever you choose to do I have a Lucy too BTW grin.

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:23:46

Oh that's great forevercleaning!. What about making friends though? that's my biggest concern really.

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:31:08 My daughter has a speech disorder and it might effect her reading and wrighting. I think that I could tailor her lessons to suit her needs better.
She also absoluitly loves music and I'd like her to have violin/piano lessons soon.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 20:36:48

do you mean your dd having a social life?

Well, if you go along to your local home ed groups, she would be bound to meet and socialise with other children.

You can also stay in touch with her nursery friends.

There are all manner of different activites such as brownies sports clubs, music lessons, swimming, the list is endless and in all those situations she would be with other children.

Personally I have not felt the need to go to HE groups, purely because we don't have the time!! I have a tutor (who is a home educator himself to his 3 children) and my son has a bit of fun with them after his lesson (twice a week he goes there for couple of hours).

He has taken up golf and goes to a club 3 times a week, my parents are fab and take him out on trips, and you know, these opportunities would never have happened had he been at school.

He is the happiest he has ever been after horrendous bullying at school, and I like to look at it that out of something bad comes something good, and had he not gone through that, he would not ben having the fun he has today. I had not been aware of home Education until I flatly refused to send him to school to be tormented anymore, and luckily someone said what I was doing was perfectly legal, and we have never looked back.

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:39:27

Have any of you home educated while having a young baby at home?
I just wondered how that would work out as we would like to have another baby

Imnotok Mon 18-Aug-08 20:43:24

I have a 2 year old at home and she just sort of joins in or ignores it depending on her mood grin.

forevercleaning Mon 18-Aug-08 20:44:17

I can't really help you with that one, but im sure that someone will be along who has.

It is my middle one who is at home and the youngest had just started school when we took him out.

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 20:51:20

I would like her to do stage coach when she's 4 as she is such a drama queen, she'd love it!grin She would probubly make friends through that, and hopefully stay in touch with her nursery friends.
I'm sorry your son went through such an awful experience but I'm glad you are all happy now. Good luck to

julienoshoes Mon 18-Aug-08 21:06:32

I missed the brilliant [L=MuddlePuddle][/L] site-especially for families who home educate young children aged 8 and under, from my websites about Home Ed thread-will go and rectify it immediately!

The blog ring mentioned above, will also feature families with young babies.

There is also an early years yahoo support group, where you will find loads of people home educating young children-but I can't find the link, (my main computer with info stored there, is down)will go away and ask-unless someone else here comes up with it first!

There you will find loads of support.

julienoshoes Mon 18-Aug-08 21:12:41

Sorry! I meant MuddlePuddle

mumtoo3 Mon 18-Aug-08 21:33:59


we HE our 5.5yr old, and have done since march, after she was bullied at school, we also have ds5yr old and dd2 is 9 months old, it can get stressful, when i try to do work with her and the younger two are around, so we do work during sleep time, when i am feeding her, in the car, or when the younger two go to bed at night, my ds loves to do work as well, so we have set up a box for him with his 'work' in it, and dd1 does her.

we do lots of reading all of us together, and theres art, music, cooking, even a bit of maths we do all together wink

StormInanEcup Mon 18-Aug-08 21:34:00

Message withdrawn

mummyloveslucy Mon 18-Aug-08 22:30:31

That is so funny. grin

StormInanEcup Tue 19-Aug-08 16:23:37

Message withdrawn

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