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vegan Mon 23-Jun-08 13:15:55

Hi, Sorry if this has been posted already on Mumsnet, but if not, I thought you might be interested in a weekend Conference which has been organised by Schoolhouse Home Education Association and will take place in Arbroath, Angus on 12 September to mark International Freedom in Education Day 2008.

"The one day conference, 'Learning Without Limits: a celebration of choice,
diversity and freedom in education', will focus on the broad theme of
freeing education from the confines of traditional schooling and will form
part of a weekend programme of informal networking, arts and heritage
activities for families and interested individuals from across the UK and

The guest speaker is John Taylor Gatto from New York.

Booking information is now available from Schoolhouse by email:
conference@schoolho; or telephone 01307 463120 for further details.

Stopfighting Mon 23-Jun-08 14:50:49

In Arbroath???hmm

AMumInScotland Mon 23-Jun-08 16:16:33

Handier for some of us than others grin

vegan Mon 23-Jun-08 18:50:02

Hi Stopfighting, I usually just lurk on Mumsnet (not sure how many fellow Scots are here), but wondered if even families South of the Border would fancy a short break in Scotland? Not sure how well you know Arbroath and the surrounding area, but I have enjoyed what I've seen of it and there's plenty of cheap accomodation. We'll be there and hopefully the kids will find it fun, but educational.

shooglenifty Wed 25-Jun-08 15:31:52

We are going too!

It's great to have something like this in Scotland and John Taylor Gatto is well worth travelling for.

vegan Thu 26-Jun-08 09:46:00

I agree, shooglenifty. I'm afraid I'll come over all star-struck. Lol! Angus Arts have a brilliant reputation too.

bubblebum Thu 26-Jun-08 12:19:15

Hi my names Claire i'm 24 and live in ipswich. I'm a stay at home mum, and i'm thinking about teaching my daughter from home. She's only 2 but i'd like to get as much info as possible before i start.

Schools in my area are bad and i want the best for her. People think i'm mad whenever i mention my interest in home education. Would love to chat to some like minded people x

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Jun-08 12:34:30

Hi Claire. There are loads of mums on here who have done that and would be happy to chat. But the best thing is probably to start up a separate thread with something like that in the title, as not everyone will be looking on this thread if they've already read it, so they may not spot you!

GentleOtter Thu 11-Sep-08 21:59:38

Bumping this one for tomorrow.
I'll be looking for an Angus Grant look alike wink!

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