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Withdrawing your child from school (Scotland)

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AMumInScotland Mon 25-Feb-08 21:04:56

A thread for bumping up, to keep general information easily available.

The law in Scotland on Home Education is different from that in England. For full details, I'd recommend reading through the Schoolhouse site, but the basics are as follows:

If your child is attending a state school in the area, you must seek the consent of the education authority to withdraw them from school in order to home educate. To do this, you need to write to the Director of Education for your area, asking them to remove the child's name from the school roll. You will also have to provide outline proposals on your planned educational provision - you can either include this with your letter, or wait for them to ask, but it is quicker to include it. The local authority then has to consider whether there is any existing evidence indicating that there is good reason for refusing consent, eg child protection concern, and also whether there is evidence of the intention to provide "efficient and suitable" education. If there are no problems, they can in theory grant consent straight away, but certainly in most cases they should give a decision within 6 weeks.

You do not have to seek consent if your child has never attended state school in the area, or the school has closed down, or they have finished primary school but not started secondary.

Whether or not you have to seek consent, you will still have to give details of your educational provision, if asked by the local authority.

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pollypeachum1 Fri 14-Mar-14 20:53:19

Thanks for this. I didn't know who I was supposed to contact for permission to withdraw my child, and it seems that most professionals lead you to believe that home-schooling is not an option. Now I just need to research what qualifies as a good action plan with which to argue a case, should it come to the point where I feel my child would be better off withdrawn from school.

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bump for newbies

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Naomib1980 Wed 01-May-13 10:46:36

Thankyou so much for this thread, i had no idea where to start! Have just been in touch with my local education authority and they were very helpful.

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bump for newbies

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bumping because there seems to be an awful lot of new home ed families around

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bump for all of the people whose children are unhappy in school right now

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anticipating the usual peak in January of frantic parents looking for an alternative, I am bumping the 'useful basics' threads.

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