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How to find other home educators

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Julienoshoes Mon 25-Feb-08 18:29:23

We keep posting this information, so I thought I'd make a topic that we can bump up when it falls down the list (but not every half hour, please).

If you join Education Otherwise (£25pa), you will receive a national contact list, divided by county. On the web they have lists of:
- local groups
- Internet lists

Home Education UK has similar but not identical information:
- local groups
- Internet lists

EHEers here will provide advice but these threads often get hijacked. We recommend that you try to meet local EHEers. They know about meetings in your area and can give more specific advice on your LA. They will also help you to see that EHEers are normal people doing their best, for their kids, just like you. You'll also see that people are successfully EHEing kids right across the range from SEN to prodigy and with all sorts or issues.

babywearingmuma Tue 13-May-08 20:04:28

are there any HE in newcastle-upon-tyne ? my little one isnt of sch age yet but im keen to meet other mums who will be h.e to form a little social group for him smile

julienoshoes Tue 13-May-08 21:12:29

Yahoo group for Home Ed Tyen and Wear
and the HE-UK Local groups webpage lists an email contact for Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Enjoy getting to know them!

julienoshoes Mon 19-May-08 13:04:59


AMumInScotland Wed 21-May-08 16:10:20

Bump for LavendersBlue

Runnerbean Wed 21-May-08 20:10:21


Did you find anyone in West Kent?
Whereabouts in West Kent are you?

onwardandupward Wed 21-May-08 22:09:03


julienoshoes Wed 21-May-08 23:16:21

bump for 'spudface' to read

bubblebum Thu 26-Jun-08 12:26:07


My names Claire my daughters 2. We live in ipswich suffolk. I'm interested in home education for my daughter. Most people i now think i'm crazy, but with our education system being as crap as it is. I doubt i could do any worse lol.

I'd love to meet up with some like minded mums in my area and pick there brains (not literally lol).

As i'd like to gather as much info before i make such a big decission. Anyone lol x

Runnerbean Thu 26-Jun-08 17:08:41


have you joined Education Otherwise?
Essential first stop for anyone thinking about HE.
You'll be able to find local groups and He families near you.

Mung Thu 26-Jun-08 21:49:20

Hi Claire. I'm not that far away from you...outskirts of Colchester. I am starting to get bored of the reactions to our choice and haven't met any local likeminded people. I'm hoping to meet some more people in the next week at the HESFES thingy in Mersea. It would be good to meet up though, as my DS is nearly 3 and DD is 15 months.

Runnerbean...I have joined EO. It doesn't seem to give me access to anything yet. How can I access the information?

Runnerbean Thu 26-Jun-08 22:10:37

You should receive a pack which includes a contact list of all eo members in the country their dc's names and ages an email address and/or phone number, (if they want to be contacted) they'll also be your local contact's name and phone number. There is a quarterly magazine, childrens pages and lots of eo news etc. You should also get an eo card, truancy card and concessions list.

Mung Tue 01-Jul-08 14:47:47

I have had emails from EO now...panic over {wink}

Claire...are you there? Please get in touch, as I'd really like to meet some local like minded people, particularly those with pre schoolers.

pooter Sun 06-Jul-08 20:42:08

oi mung! im a local likeminded person! wink

hi bubblegum - im probably going to HE my 17mo DS. Im in colchester too, but near West Bergholt. I also know another family with a 1yr old DS who are definately going to HE, oh and a family with a 15mo DD in Needham Market who are going to do it too - so you are not alone!

The only worry i have, is that if (hopefully when) i have more children, how will i cope with HE for my son. I really struggled when he was younger.

Mung Sun 06-Jul-08 20:45:17

I hadn't forgotten you...its just tough to pin you down and when I do we are with other non-likeminded people smile

julienoshoes Fri 11-Jul-08 21:54:42

bumping this thread so new folks can see it.
The OP contains links for local groups -if you can't find someone from those links-do get back on here and tell us and I'll do my best to find you some.
Knowing folks locally and mixing with the children who are being home educated, is the very best advertisement!
Especially the teenagers!

julienoshoes Thu 17-Jul-08 18:41:14

bump for notsoyummymummy

julienoshoes Wed 30-Jul-08 15:28:04

just bumping up the threads where information is needed frequently, to save us saying the same thing over and over.

julienoshoes Sun 17-Aug-08 22:50:09

bumped for mummyloveslucy to read

julienoshoes Wed 27-Aug-08 20:51:55

Bumping thread, for anyone interested, as the new school term draws near.

rooftop Fri 29-Aug-08 01:02:59

Hello all. Recently joined so thought I might introduce myself. Recognise some names already -- hello Julie x
I HE my 9yr old son in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Anyone local- ish to us ?
Semi- autonomous (?!)

julienoshoes Fri 29-Aug-08 20:37:38

Hello rooftop!

GentleOtter Fri 29-Aug-08 20:46:06

HE my 12 year old SN. Perth.
Does any one else have problems HE with a toddler running about?

julienoshoes Mon 01-Sep-08 22:23:32

information about home ed for onefunkymama to read.

jollydo Wed 17-Sep-08 13:05:25


Heartmum2Jamie Wed 17-Sep-08 13:48:10

Rooftop, I am not too far from Sutton Coldfield (live in Cannock) and home educate, semi-autonomously, my 2 boys aged 7 & 4. I also have ds3 on the way, he's due in 6 weeks!

Thankfully, my dh's job stipulates that his car can be no more than 6 years old, so he will be getting either a company car, or we will get a new, small car for him to use for work and I can keep our current car (from Feb). This should work out well, I can attend the home ed group in Stafford once I am back on my feet and life has settled somewhat. I am really looking forward to meeting likeminded people

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