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How to find other home educators

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Julienoshoes Mon 25-Feb-08 18:29:23

We keep posting this information, so I thought I'd make a topic that we can bump up when it falls down the list (but not every half hour, please).

If you join Education Otherwise (£25pa), you will receive a national contact list, divided by county. On the web they have lists of:
- local groups
- Internet lists

Home Education UK has similar but not identical information:
- local groups
- Internet lists

EHEers here will provide advice but these threads often get hijacked. We recommend that you try to meet local EHEers. They know about meetings in your area and can give more specific advice on your LA. They will also help you to see that EHEers are normal people doing their best, for their kids, just like you. You'll also see that people are successfully EHEing kids right across the range from SEN to prodigy and with all sorts or issues.

Flllightattendant Mon 25-Feb-08 19:40:19

Thanks Julie - that's a great post. smile

Julienoshoes Tue 26-Feb-08 09:48:24


sorkycake Tue 26-Feb-08 16:16:33

Can I just add that there are good few HE'ers here on MN and if you say the area you live in we may well either be members of local groups, or can point you to local contacts.

Runnerbean Tue 26-Feb-08 17:30:07

And if anyone is anywhere near Bromley Kent, myself and another mum are starting a new HE social group this Friday.

RemindMe Tue 26-Feb-08 21:23:08

I'm near Salisbury/Shaftesbury and we don't know many HEers sad

Julienoshoes Sat 01-Mar-08 10:35:47


Julienoshoes Sat 01-Mar-08 10:42:56

I keep meaning to reply to you.
have you joined EO? They supply a contact list of home educators who are willing to be contacted.
I have just looked at mine and can see home educators Salisbury way.

Have you come across the North Wilts HE group??

Heartmum2Jamie Tue 04-Mar-08 11:58:14

We live in South staffs and I know there is a group in Stafford, but with not having a second car, find it too difficult to get to. Does anyone know of any other groups in or near Cannock, Brownhills or Walsall?

Julienoshoes Tue 04-Mar-08 14:54:45

I knmow of a group in Sutton Coldfield-not to far from Walsall, if that is any help?

Skipsmum Thu 06-Mar-08 16:15:07

Lots of us in the Medway/Maidstone area...everyone welcome!

policywonk Thu 06-Mar-08 16:17:12

Ooh, a friend of mine is thinking about HEing and wants to meet HE-ers in the North Surrey area (Walton, Weybridge, Esher... that sort of area).

RemindMe Thu 06-Mar-08 20:34:10


I did join EO and contacted those in my area but the local group is a bit far away and I didn't hear back from those who are closest. North Wilts is also too far. We are just so remote here, but thanks to your original post I did find someone locally so thank you!

I'm having a baby (tomorrow!) so HE meet-ups have been a bit on the backburner recently due to a foul pregnancy but I really would like to meet others soon. Meanwhile I am thankful for MN and the yahoo groups....

Julienoshoes Thu 06-Mar-08 20:53:01

So pleased you have found someone local to you-hopefully that will lead onto others as well

Good luck for tomorrow!

RemindMe Thu 06-Mar-08 22:13:42

Thank you!

workstostaysane Thu 06-Mar-08 22:17:56

hi runnerbean,
what time on fridays?

Blessed2 Thu 06-Mar-08 22:20:14

Hi Heartmum2jamie. I don't HE but I have some friends in Wolverhampton WV10 who do. They are Christian HEs.

Julienoshoes Fri 07-Mar-08 17:51:34

bump for narkymom

rachelinscotland Wed 12-Mar-08 15:43:56

Our children aren't school age yet, but we plan to home educate them when they're older.

We're in the highlands of Scotland - anyone else in the area?

Julienoshoes Wed 12-Mar-08 16:25:44

Hi rachelinscotland
The very best place to get specific info about home ed in Scotland is to contact Schoolhouse

"Schoolhouse runs a helpline and public information service and, when requested, assists families directly in their dealings with local authorities. To get in contact with Schoolhouse, see our contact section. In addition to the direct advice and support Schoolhouse can offer there may well be formal or informal meetings of home educating families near to you, get in touch with us to find out. For teenagers we have set up a dedicated teen peer support network.

There are various email support groups to provide help and support to families home educating or considering home education, including a dedicated Scottish home education list. These lists are free and easy to use, and generally open to all. When you send an email to the list it is sent to all list members, who can then respond to you."

and hopefully AMumInScotland will be along shortly to have a chat as well.

Heartmum2Jamie Fri 14-Mar-08 13:16:12

Julienoshoes, Sutton Coldfield isn't much better, but it will be useful to know where they are incase we move or we can suddenly afford a second car!

AMumInScotland Fri 14-Mar-08 13:39:32

Hi rachel, I'm also in Scotland (as the name suggests grin) but we're Central Belt, so nowhere near you I'm afraid.

I'd second Julie's advice about Schoolhouse or the lists, but I'm not really in contact with other HE families up here, as we started HE with a much older DS (14 now), so didn't feel much need for contact with other HE families - he already has his own social contacts and activities so there hasn't been any real urge to meet up.

fillthatnappylittlekiwi Thu 20-Mar-08 00:16:03

anyone near the cambs/norfolk border? We're quite happy at the moment going along ourselves but I know the girls will need more people to bounce off when they feel ready to get back out there.

Julienoshoes Fri 21-Mar-08 07:18:52

just bumping up the threads where information is needed frequently, to save us saying the same thing over and over.

ftnlk have you checked out the local groups link on the 'How to find other home edders thread'?

barksgirl Mon 24-Mar-08 15:15:38

fillthatnappylittlekiwi, I'm near peterborough but i just found a link to a West Norfolk group you might want to check out,

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