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How to de-register a child from school (England and Wales)

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Julienoshoes Mon 25-Feb-08 18:19:42

A thread for bumping up, for information, so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves.

You'll find a sample de-registration letter (England and Wales) and other information about the realities and legalities of home education on the Education Otherwise and Home Education UKwebsites.

It is recommended that you get a receipt for the letter.

You are not obliged to have any further contact with the school once they have received this letter.
You are not obliged to contact the LA yourself at all, that is the school's responsibility.

Note that if you were already being pursued for truancy, that offence still stands but your child cannot be a truant if they are not a registered pupil. If you are providing an education under s7 of the Education Act 1996 by the time it gets to court, you may be fined for the earlier truancy but it seems unlikely a court would order a parent to prison.

For information about home education in Scotland contact Schoolhouse

julienoshoes Mon 03-Aug-09 10:10:22

bumping for AramiteCane and any other newbies interested in HE

julienoshoes Sun 30-Aug-09 12:49:09

bump for newbies

julienoshoes Mon 31-Aug-09 19:18:37

bump for CheesedOfsted

Yurtgirl123 Tue 01-Sep-09 21:04:51

Bumping this for my purely selfish reasons blush

I am off to microsoft word to convert my draft into a beautiful formal letter

Off to school tommorrow (first day of term) to hand it in

julienoshoes Wed 16-Sep-09 09:51:13


Doobydoo Mon 28-Sep-09 21:00:06

Thanks for the info cupcakes and julienoshoes.Wrote 'the letter' today!
Not sure about secondary next sept we are taking it slowly.
Thanks again...answered my immediate questionssmile

julienoshoes Mon 28-Sep-09 21:29:59

Happy to help.
Yours is the third deregistration letter I know of that has been written today!
Welcome to the wonderful world of home ed.

Did you see the threads on 'books about HE' and 'websites on HE' and the one about 'finding local home educators'?

Shout if you have any questions or need any more help.

Doobydoo Tue 29-Sep-09 07:39:09

Thankyou! We home edded in Ireland for approx 5 years give or take a couple of months.Felt more nervous doing it over here in case it is more beaurocratic...ds1 is just 10 and seems happier already.
Have found local home ed group and are going to one of their meetings soon,they also go ice skating weekly which I think is fab. and so does ds.
Dp and I [and prob ds1]are going to read some home ed books are there any you particularly recommend?
Thankyou again.
I have noticed that more people seem to be choosing to home ed too.

julienoshoes Mon 09-Nov-09 06:19:00


julienoshoes Thu 10-Dec-09 15:47:29

Bumped up for autonomy

julienoshoes Sat 26-Dec-09 17:50:16

bump for whispywhisp and other newbies to HE

julienoshoes Mon 11-Jan-10 08:36:53


julienoshoes Thu 18-Feb-10 14:01:45


ommmward Tue 02-Mar-10 09:15:35


ommmward Wed 28-Apr-10 11:05:58


julienoshoes Fri 21-May-10 13:05:30

There seems to be a lot of new people about, who are thinking of home educating.
I'm dashing out now but bumping this and other hopefully useful threads

SDeuchars Mon 31-May-10 12:52:09

Bumped for backtotalkaboutthis

noodle6 Sun 13-Jun-10 00:48:13

Hi, I'm typing out the letter at the moment using the template from

I wonder if its worth pointing out the reasons for home-edding my children on the letter itself. The head already had a long chat with me last thursday about her unhappiness with my daughter's poor attendance due to school refusal. Would she give me problems about this or not authorise the deregistration? And would explaining the reasons why make my case stronger, etc.???

noodle6 Sun 13-Jun-10 00:52:13

I suppose I have always felt a bit intimidated by her... she is like those well-dressed polished ladies who is very sharp and forceful and pushy... and the chat proved how scary she can be up close... Not sure if it was rational but yes I'm a bit wary of provoking her...

ommmward Sun 27-Jun-10 23:08:07


SDeuchars Thu 01-Jul-10 08:21:23


ommmward Fri 16-Jul-10 17:38:39


julienoshoes Sat 04-Dec-10 15:54:15

bump, for info for newbies

julienoshoes Mon 20-Dec-10 22:18:50

bump for nelehluap

nelehluap Mon 20-Dec-10 22:57:17

thank you julienoshoes xx

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