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Melly54 Wed 10-Mar-21 02:57:48

Does anyone know, if I can deregister, my daughter and put her in the year below? My daughter started reception this year and I think I made a mistake. With covid and the fact she's a summer baby ( she's not 5 till june) I feel that she would benefit from restarting school again. I feel that she's tad behind her class mates and it will only get worse.
I was wondering if I could deregister her from her current school and place her in another school and start reception again n September

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idontfeelwelltoday Wed 10-Mar-21 03:32:12

You should deregister her (you can even wait until April as she's not going to be of Compulsory School Age until summer term, so you're not forced to send her until then ) and in the meantime ask permission to start reception at CSA to the admission authorities of each school you are considering, usually:
- council if the school is a community school or voluntary controlled. If you get a reception start from the council, it is valid for all community schools
- school's governors if it is voluntary aided, faith based or an academy.

Usually the school type is listed on the primary admission booklet councils publish every year.

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