Home ed for secondary age Northern Ireland??

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Happymumto3 Tue 04-May-21 14:04:30

Hi I'm currently in a similar position,I'm from Northern Ireland also...I'm aware this is an old thread but wondered how your getting on?

Saracen Sun 17-May-20 22:52:52

I live in England but I know there are reasonable numbers of families home educating in NI - nowhere near as many as use schools, but enough that you should be able to find friends. Facebook is where most home ed groups are to be found these days. I am sure that if you contact the main home ed charity HEdNI they will be able to let you know whether there are groups in your area. hedni.org/

Some of the advice and experience you are after may be common to other countries of the UK if you want to ask questions of us here?

StillCounting123 Sun 17-May-20 21:52:40

I'm considering homeschooling my eldest DC full-time for secondary school level. Several reasons for this, none of which are to do with SEN.

We live in Northern Ireland, and the home education scene is tiny (or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?!) Does anyone have any advice, pointers to groups, experience?

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