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Helpthisgirl Sun 19-Apr-20 21:44:56

Ok I have been thinking of homeschooling my son for about 6 months, he missing a lot of school because of medication ( makes him very tired ) also he as a lot of hospital appointment.
After being home with him because of covid 19 it makes me want to do it more, but I have a 3 year old 20 months old and I’m 5 weeks pregnant. Thinking it will be selfish as I won’t be able to spend all day teaching him, we only do about 1hr of work at the moment and that’s it plus he will read and play maths and English games on the laptop while I do my house work ect,
Does everyone have more then 2 children and home ed them? How to you do everything for every child lol thank you

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Saracen Thu 23-Apr-20 01:29:03

Not me, but I know a number of home ed families who have 4+ children and they seem to do a great job. To me it doesn't look easy to home ed that number of children, but no harder than it already is to parent them if you see what I mean.

Very few British home educators do spend all day "teaching" their children. An hour a day is already more than most HE parents would spend on formal work with a younger child; in fact you don't have to do any at all. They learn well through play and following their own interests.

I only have two children, with an age gap of seven years, so my experience may not be so relevant to you. But like many other home ed parents, I have observed that my kids seem to get on particularly well together. I think it is because their lives are less pressurised in the absence of school, plus they have more access to me. Here's a bit from a blog I wrote about the subject:

"Perhaps having access to her mum for many hours of every day meant that though the baby demanded the lion's share of my attention, the leftover scraps of attention still added up to plenty of sustenance for The Kid. After all, she was home to take advantage of the baby's long contented mornings and peaceful midday naps - and not, like schoolchildren, home only to suffer the mad morning rush and the evening "witching hour" with a grizzly baby and a family all tired, hungry and short-tempered."

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