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muse100100 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:27:30

I Have recently taken my 14 year old daughter out of school due to severe bullying. I have opted to homeschool but can people help I'm a bit unsure what kind of routine we need. thanks.

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itsstillgood Sun 01-Mar-20 17:15:08

The simple, but I know unhelpful, answer is you need a routine that works for your daughter and you.
What works best will be different for every one and depends on how your daughter feels about formal academic work (has she lost confidence and would benefit from some time focusing on interests or is she keen to get on with GCSEs), how does she learn best (textbooks, online programmes, discussing with you, groups, tutors - this is trial and error but try free trials while you find way), how independent is she, sleep patterns, do you work etc. It takes time to get a routine that suits so don't feel like you have to get this spot on immediately. Work with your daughter, involve her in research and plan making.

Facebook is best place to find support. Search Home Education and your county or nearest city/town to find local groups. The HE-Exams Wiki he-exams.wikia.org/wiki/HE_Exams_Wiki is excellent for exams support and join the Facebook group linked from it too.

Saracen Sun 01-Mar-20 20:23:25

If she is feeling very down as a result of the bullying, you might start with just a few subjects (her favourite and/or strongest ones) and add more in later. That ensures she gets off to a positive start and feels good about herself and about home ed. There is plenty of time.

Do you have a schedule that works for your family during the summer holidays? That could be a good starting point.

My family is very laid-back and does things whenever the mood strikes us, so our schedule is dictated by the activities we do (sports etc) and the needs of the pets! Everything else fits round those things.

scoobydoo1971 Thu 12-Mar-20 22:11:11

All families are different, and use a variety of systems. I personally have timetabled subjects for both of my children, which supplement online school events. Facebook can be used to find local groups and workshops if you need to get out and about. There are lots of free internet resources to help you like TES, BBC bitesize and youtube. Good luck!

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