Home schooling year 5 daughter

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Reallyreally9 Sat 07-Sep-19 22:28:32

My daughter is having really hard time at school and feeling excluded and not getting on well in her class. It’s been getting worse and worse over a couple of years.
I’m thinking of home educating her but really do want her to go to secondary. How does that work for children going from home Ed to secondary school. Does it tend to be a problem?
Any thoughts would be appreciated. It’s breaking my heart to see her so sad

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JustRichmal Tue 10-Sep-19 08:54:32

Dd is now in y12. We took her out for Y5 and Y6. We just applied to secondary as normal. Contact your LEA. They should have a person who deals with home ed and can tell you how it works.

It is important to build up their social skills while you home ed by joining groups. Dd learnt to socialise with children of different ages; something they do not always get from school. Having to be considerate of younger children and mix with older ones helped her fit in at secondary.

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