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Home ed'ers in W. London??

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graceuntoyou Thu 26-Jul-07 14:21:24

Does anyone here home educate in the West London area? We home educate our 3 children (ages 7yob, 6yog, 4yob) and are hoping to make some more contacts in this area.

I would love to hear from anyone.


Runnerbean Fri 27-Jul-07 08:11:54

I'm in SE london but there is a central london and west london google group, are you on those lists?

graceuntoyou Fri 27-Jul-07 14:15:35

Thanks for answering!

I think central london is too far from me... It takes me 1.5 hrs to get into london city by train..

I would love the link for the w. london google group though. I haven't heard of it before.


Runnerbean Fri 27-Jul-07 18:45:09

they will put you on their list if you introduce yourself.
I have been on a couple of their trips and they are a nice friendly group.

graceuntoyou Wed 01-Aug-07 10:29:01

sorry to be a pain.... But, Runnerbean would you be able to verify that address for the W. London group for me? It seems that you have combined a web address with an email address. I have tried modifying it both as a web link and as an email address, but I can't seem to find the group.

Any help is most appreciated!


mummyrex Wed 01-Aug-07 16:04:16


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