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Slh2211 Wed 15-May-19 20:47:14

Hi, my daughter is 4 years old and not having a good time of it at school. I’m thinking about taking her out to home school her and was just wondering who else out there is home schooling? And how you’re all getting on with it? I haven’t just decided this on a whim, I have always thought about it since she was born.

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itsstillgood Sun 19-May-19 15:28:20

My youngest has never been to school, he's 13 now - confident, independent, sociable and studying for GCSEs. We've never followed the NC until the last year or two in prep for GCSEs and even then only vaguely. At times if you'd have compared him to the standards wanted in school he's have been far behind, although his knowledge in other areas was huge, at times we'd look like those stereotypical isolated home educators, other times we'd be out every day. Basically we have been able to go at a pace (academically, socially and independence wise) that was right for him. Won't say I haven't had my doubts and wobbles along the way but looking back it has been amazing for him. Plus it has been a lot of fun.

meditation Sun 15-Sep-19 16:43:18


Looking for study group 2 or 3 mornings a week. My daughter is 11 and following year 7 NC subjects.

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