Home school or Flexi school??

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CoffeeFox92 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:11:48

I REALLY want to home ed my son but i'm scared to pull him out completely... he is 3, on the 20th april and currently is in early learners place 3 hours a day. i have always wanted to home ed since before i had him i have 100s of sites, downloadable book and info and frankly its a little overwhelming and dont know where to start?

i taught him to count before he started and i teach him thing about animals while we are out and about, but i'm not sure on how to go about it in the future, as he gets older and EXAMS OMG!

i myself have average grades but i do have dyslexia and dyscalculia. so i feel my skills aren't good enough to help my son pass exams (i know it far far away but anxiety gets me worried)-( and its all done different nowherdays XD)

he is only 3 but any advise would be brilliant!

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Redwinestillfine Fri 05-Apr-19 18:13:30

He doesn't need to be in school for a few more years. Why not try homeschooling now and see how you get on?

itsstillgood Fri 05-Apr-19 18:36:56

He's over two years off being CSA and over a year off Reception (although I get that you need to apply earlier).
If he's happier at home at the moment and you are happier with him home then keep him home. Cross each bridge as you come to it.
I worried about how I'd get mine through exams when they were two and three and I was researching home ed but we're at that stage now and the Home ed world has changed a lot in that time and so have I. I won't say it's not still terrifying as it's a big responsibility, but everything about having kids is. After 10 years home educating this is just the next stage. Somethings we use bought in tutors as they have specialist knowledge that I don't, others we make do with books and online resources (there are lots) some we study with a group and I actually tutor other people's kids in too.
One of mine made the choice to go to school at seniors. Deciding to keep him home from preschool is a long way away from still being home ending when it comes to sitting GCSEs, which may not even exist in 12 years.
Decide on preschool, then make the choice of if to apply to school and take each step from there.

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