Where to start? Help please.

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HomeEdventure Sat 10-Nov-18 11:29:32

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CramptonHodnet Tue 28-Aug-18 09:36:44

My DS has dyslexia and has always struggled with spelling and handwriting. What has helped him a lot since we began home education is the Squeebles spelling app. Something just clicked with DS's brain and he loves it. His spelling has improved dramatically.

However, at 15, your DS might think it a bit too young for him? The app is cheap, though, so well worth a shot.

Also, word searches - DD loves these and that has helped her spelling over the years.

localschmocal Mon 27-Aug-18 12:08:58

Hi GreenTulips, thanks for your reply. Yes, we're using word games and spelling apps now (but haven't been able to for a while). I suspect it won't take long before it all comes back- or just wishful thinking on my behalf smile

No, not at school.

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GreenTulips Mon 27-Aug-18 12:06:42

Spelling needs to be grouped
Lots of spelling books about, but with my son I print them out and stick them on the wall highlighting the 'group' bit
IGH or TION part

Does he go to school?

Have you tried spelling apps - word games? I found these help loads.

localschmocal Mon 27-Aug-18 12:03:58

Hello, would be grateful for any ideas on this.
Son has been ill since age 3 but prior to that was very bright child. Because of his illness he's been unable to do much structured book learning - he gets terrific brain fog and pain after concentrating for too long. We've managed by using other methods and he's still a bright boy albeit one that can't really learn much from the usual book method.
He's just come out of a really bad couple of years (healthwise) and we've realised how much his spelling has suffered. He reads really well, always has, but his spelling is a real problem for him- he wants to improve and feel more confident with it.
He also hasn't been able to read much for a few years as it makes symptoms worse but would I be right in thinking that when he can read more it will help? He's interested in sports so I've ordered a number of sports biographies and so on that will interest him and he can take his time working through.

Can anyone recommend anything - online or app etc - that we could use to almost go back to the beginning (or at least assess where we need to start) so I can help him become more confident in this?
Even if it is book based please do mention it as we can break it down into five minutes per day or something.
He's now 15.

Thank you.

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