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CarrieErbag Wed 06-Jun-18 14:52:29

Anyone any experience of this company? I'm considering using them for biology/chem igcse.
Have used a different provider for a couple of other courses but haven't been impressed, really can't afford to waste more money.

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Branleuse Wed 06-Jun-18 20:08:31

I signed my son up with them to do a history GCSE. He didnt manage it. Theres no timetable. You basically just get the book and access to the website and somebody will mark assignments, which are all past papers if you send them in, but noone contacts you if you dont do it, and i found it quite hard to navigate and no support really. You also are supposed to organise all your own exams and I didnt really see the point. It is basically just do it yourself.
My friend tried to use them for her daughter too, but she didnt get on with it either.

Im sure it probably depends on how motivated the child is, but i dont really see it as much better than just getting the GCSE coursebook and working through it as there are no actual lessons.

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