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Is there a need for extra Maths tuition when HEing?

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clutteredup Thu 10-May-07 10:48:46

I don't HE myself but I do private tuition locally in Maths up to A level for children at school. I'm considering expanding and was wondering if I could get some advice from people who do HE if there would be a market for Maths tutition for HE children. I was thinking either for children or for the parents who plan to HE. Are there already such tutoring services around, would you use them and how much would you be prepared to pay? Any opinions would be gratefully recieved as this is a first venture into background market research. Thank you.

Saturn74 Thu 10-May-07 12:10:05

You could contact Education Otherwise, as their newsletters contain advertisements for tutors and companies providing services that may be of interest to HE families.

clutteredup Thu 10-May-07 16:25:17


Saturn74 Thu 10-May-07 17:13:14

you're welcome

clutteredup Thu 10-May-07 19:46:46

sorry thank you.I did say gratefully recieved and I wasn't very grateful was I. was in a bit of a hurry but that's no excuse,thank you for making the effort to reply, i've looked at site now, it's a goodplace to start.

Eight Thu 10-May-07 20:10:51

and bump.

ForeverBlowingBubbles Fri 11-May-07 01:25:13

I HE and we don't have any need for any extra maths tuition (for now...could change when she reaches her teens?) I know lots of HE'rs locally now, none of whom use private tuition. There probably IS a market for it though. I say go for it, you're already doing it for school kids so you've nothing to lose by giving it a try IMO. Can't really think of a better place to start than the Education Otherwise site and you're already looking into that. Not much help really, sorry.

clutteredup Fri 11-May-07 14:20:13

thanks bubbles hope you got some sleep in the end

Fillyjonk Fri 11-May-07 17:50:06

would go for it

we don't have a need, seeing as how my dp has a phd in we're pretty much covered. but in another subject, say...<racks brains-we are pretty well covered! thats a weak point for us>...we might buy in tuition if needed

bear in mind 2 things

1. HE'd kids don't usually learn the same way as non He'd kids. They are normally very proactive learners, and will have lots of questions. they will not be used to a jug and mug approach, and are unlikely to be interested in being crammed through exams (not saying you WOULD but so you know). They would usually have a lot of questions and would not be impressed by a "no, we can't learn that yet, thats A level and this is just the gcse" approach. otoh they are normally pretty motivated.

2. HErs are geogrpahicaly diverse. So you might want to consider telephone or email tutoring

clutteredup Fri 11-May-07 17:58:23

fillyjonk thanks - you comments re he'ers are appreciated. I teach like that anyway tbh, I've never been one to stick to a rigid way, it's why I like 121 teaching.Helping out he'ers quite appeals as the scope is endless.

Hendie Tue 15-May-07 23:19:00

Like Clutteredup, I teach part-time in formal education but have been tutoring children at home for about 14 years now. This side of my working life has become so rewarding and successful that I am considering giving up work and home-tutoring full-time. I love the challenge of considering individual strengths and weaknesses. There is real satisfaction in seeing someone progress in ways that are hugely significant to them. It has served to remind me of the reason I went into teaching in the first place. I will follow the advice about Education Otherwise, an organisation I know a little about: I looked into home-schooling one of my four children but decided against it, a decision I sometimes regret. Good luck to everyone involved in this very interesting and important area of our children's lives.

VanessA001 Sun 16-Dec-12 18:21:00

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