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Homeschooling with an energetic toddler in tow

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SylviaTietjens Wed 06-Dec-17 21:10:21

Ds is 5, yr1, has ASD and dyspraxia and is becoming more and more fed up and disheartened by constantly seeing himself so far behind his peers. He’s a bright boy but struggles with writing, drawing and pe particularly due to his dyspraxia, these seem to be his favourite things.

We’re moving in the new year to a new part of the country and we’re going to take him out of for the rest of this school year to rebuild his confidence, get him used to the new area and do loads of practice on what he struggles with.

I’ve joined the local homeschool fb page and there’s loads of good stuff going on which I think he’ll love. We’re down the road from my dm who is a primary school teacher who can give loads of advice. I’m so excited!

The only aspect I’m worrying about is that I also have a very full on 2 year old. Dh works away mon-fri so it will just be me looking after them both. Should I consider nursery? See how it goes? What does everyone else do?

venys Wed 06-Dec-17 22:08:01

Hi. I don't home school my SEN child although I have thought about doing it with at least one child. I have found that the younger siblings are demanding enough and I can't even do homework 1:1 if they are about. I know some others do it, but in my case I couldn't. Guess it depends on the children. I would consider nursery at least a few hours for the younger one if you do hs your eldest.

Velvetbee Sat 09-Dec-17 11:46:51

Lots of HE families have multiple children, everyone just mucks in. You won't be spending much time sitting doing 'school' work. (You'll want to de-school and when you do do sit down stuff HE is so much more efficient that 10-15 minutes of Maths will cover an hour in school)
The little one can potter about while the bigger one does academic stuff, it will be fine.

Velvetbee Sat 09-Dec-17 12:37:43

Have just re-read the OP and seen that he is 5. 5! He's a baby! Back off the writing and do lots of fine motor stuff with him. Drawing, painting, beads...
And read him stories and act them out and explore your local area and run about. Have a blast!

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