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Homeschooling in tower hamlets

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Jasminena Wed 06-Dec-17 03:02:30

I have recently been thinking of homeschooling my 4 nearly 5 year old son, and now have made a decision that I do want to do home education with him. It's a little difficult as his my only child ( I'm sure all you mums out there know most children do so much more and are more encouraged with other children around),
So I was just wondering if there's any moms out there with a child around the similar age or younger or older doesn't matter( my child has not hit the level he should be at - according to schools/ children of his age, due to many different factors) he does not no his phonics nor reads or write < this I will be teaching him myself in Shaa Allah by his own pace .
Anyway back to the point any mummy's out there who have children at a similar level and would love to meet up / have sessions with the kids please reply back also as I am so new to this and haven't even started home schooling would be so much help
Thank you my loves smile xx

Saracen Thu 07-Dec-17 00:45:19

Hi Jasminena!

I am not in your area but I've had a look and found this Facebook group for you: I should think that would be the best way to find other families in your area.

Have fun!

Jasminena Thu 07-Dec-17 12:10:10

Thank you saracan, I'll join and hopefully will help me out smile

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