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Voting today

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Phosphorus Thu 08-Jun-17 11:36:44

Is any one sticking with the Conservatives today, solely because of the Badman fiasco of yore?

Every survey I've taken online, and all of my own reading, points towards Labour or Lib Dem being my natural home.

I voted against Brexit.

But the HE thing is my most immediate (though niche) concern, and Labour, well.. hmm

ommmward Thu 08-Jun-17 14:35:17

We HAVE been left alone in the last 7 years. The Conservatives tend to be small state people; this has consequences that people don't like (lower taxation, therefore less money to slosh around in the public sector - some would argue that that's a terrible thing, and others would argue that the Labour tendency to maximise the public sector is a way of creating a client state who will keep voting for them, but it's not a good thing in itself). But it also has the consequence that we have been enjoying - there's a conservative assumption that most people are basically competent to get on with their lives, and look after their families, and shouldn't be interfered with except in dire straits.

I guess it's a question of whether your preference for larger state (which would go with the Labour/ Lib dem thing on the "who should I vote for" sites) is outweighed by your preference for a smaller state in the bit of your life that actually impacts on you and your family (which would go conservative)

There's no right answer. The good thing is that, because thousands and thousands of people are voting in your constituency, it all balances out in the end smile

itsstillgood Thu 08-Jun-17 17:49:11

I think it is a tricky one. I have voted Labour this time for the first time since the Iraq war. After Badman (I was home eding at the time) I thought it would take something major to swing me back.
I agree with Ommward on the small state/big state but also think personalities come into it. Nicky Morgan given time would have made an attack on home ed freedoms I think.
Whoever gets into power has so many more important priorities that I think it will take one hell of a negative home ed tale to push home ed regulation up the agenda in this term of office.
My thinking today (hasn't always been the same) is there are a lot worse things that could happen then HE regulation. I'll campaign against it if time comes but today I voted for other concerns.

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