Homeschooling pen pal for parents.

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Iloveanimals Mon 05-Jun-17 22:59:25

I am lonely and am looking for a friend who homeschools, staying in contact via pm on here.
Would anyone be interested? Just general chatting and support for the homeschooling journey.
Homeschooling mum to a ds aged 6.

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Username44 Fri 23-Jun-17 08:54:49

Hi, I home school both my daughters currently. My oldest will start senior school in September but I will continue with the youngest who is also 6 until senior school. I've been doing it for about a year and love it. I will happily keep in

shuangnick Mon 26-Jun-17 08:37:20

of course I'd love to.but my ds is only 2.he learned everything well by using montessori teaching aids.

itsstillgood Mon 26-Jun-17 19:35:45

Are you on Facebook? I find it the best way to get home ed support and make friends. I have an eclectic collection of home educators on my friends list, many I have never met in person but have chatted to through forums and blogs often for years. I am not on here that often but do feel free to pm me. I think it is very possible to feel very lonely when home educating even when surrounded by other home educators, everyone's situation is so unique.

Iloveanimals Mon 26-Jun-17 23:08:39

Hey smile yes I am on fb ;) username and shu I will pm you smile

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