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Looking for other home schoolers in North London

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Arghhhhh35 Thu 13-Apr-17 04:41:09

I'm a single mum to 4 children. I had already decided I was going to home educate my youngest son who is almost 3 & has Down syndrome although my other children are all in school however my 5 year old really hasn't taken to reception & I'm finding myself more & more disheartened by the constant testing & streaming I see my older children (11 & 14) going through.
After 3 weeks at home (chicken pox then half term) I have seen my happy, inquisitive, chatty little boy back & he has expressed a desire to be home schooled rather than return to school.
I'm just trying to find local meet ups so I can have the socialisation side of things planned a little before I remove him from school.
Is anyone local? We are in Tottenham but tend to go to classes & groups in Muswell Hill & Crouch End.

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