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flexi schooling in yr 11

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supersop60 Sun 05-Mar-17 17:44:12

Does anyone have experience of this? It's late in the day, but my DD has been dealing with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder for most of this school year. We have seen CAMHS and a private therapist - not much help, sadly, and now we're considering keeping her at home for part of the week, having tutors for maths and English and DD doing revision etc at home. It has got to the point where she can't walk through the school doors without feeling sick and panicky.
The school knows about her challenges and have been extremely supportive. We're just trying to manage the last couple of months and get her through GCSEs.

supersop60 Mon 06-Mar-17 09:19:04


babyunicornvomit Mon 06-Mar-17 09:38:20

I really feel for you, and more importantly her. You seem like such a nice supportive parent - when I told mine about my mental health struggles at 16 they told me to 'cheer up or I'd get carted away in a looney van' hmm

Flexi-schooling sounds like a good idea. If she finds school so stressful it's damaging her health, don't force her to be there as it could make things worse. Has she been bullied or is it just personal problems?
The only thing about home schooling is that on the days she does go to school it might be even harder for her, as people are a bit like 'where have you been' etc. However if she's only there a few more months I'd say just do it.
Always do what's best for your daughters health as there's no point forcing her to go to school but sacrificing her personality and happiness. I'm sure she'll do well, you sound very supportive. Good luck flowers

supersop60 Mon 06-Mar-17 09:59:45

Thank you. We're just off to the Doc, to get some 'official' back-up. I'm expecting a meeting with headteacher and senior staff at some point too. We just want our kids to be happy, don't we?

Saracen Mon 06-Mar-17 11:29:11

It should be totally straightforward since the school is on board. That's brilliant.

In a perfect world the LA would supply tutors. It wouldn't hurt to ask them for funding. But I would think you won't manage to get them to agree in time, as only a few months remain. They'll probably drag their heels and you will end up paying.

If you want to try for funded tutoring, ask the school to contact the LA immediately. If your dd has already missed a lot of school, the school should have informed the LA already. The LA has a duty to monitor the situation for any child who has already missed, or is expected to miss, a total of at least ten days in a year due to ill health. They should consider whether it's necessary for them to provide any additional support beyond what the school is doing - or, in the case of an unhelpful school, the LA should lean on the school to improve support.

Good luck!!

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