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Decision made, IGCSEs for DD15....

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homerboy12 Fri 10-Feb-17 10:11:51

So, after many hours of deliberation, research, discussions, we as a family have decided to home ed our DD15. She had a tough year last year and has missed a lot of school, feels behind, struggles with anxiety (under CBT and low meds). It has been one of the biggest and important decisions as parents we feel that we have made, along with her input. Her mental wellbeing and long term happiness is paramount. Some will judge us (even family members) but she is our priority and feel for her it is the way forward. She has always been a high achieving student throughout primary and years 7 and 8 of secondary school. Due to some medical events and diagnosis of anxiety/ocd behaviours in Year 9 things did not continue as they had been; school became a place of fear, panic attacks and further anxiety. So, this is why we are going ahead and will be using Oxford Home Schooling (good reports via friend using this resource for her child). She has clear goals of her chosen college and course for Autumn next year and this way we feel she has a good chance of achieving her goal.
We start in a weeks time, this forum will be a useful tool for support and general guidance or knowledge, thanks all!

Saracen Fri 10-Feb-17 15:51:17

Congratulations. I am really glad to hear you have found a way forward which feels right. Hope it all works out well for your dd!

user1486737884 Fri 10-Feb-17 15:57:01

I hope it goes well for you.
We are tentatively exploring options at the moment with our dd15, who has had more downs than ups with school.

SignOnTheWindow Fri 10-Feb-17 18:06:29

Good for you and your DD. I'll follow with interest, if that's ok - seriously considering home education for DD1 when she reaches secondary age.

What subjects has your DD chosen?

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:44:56

If you are on Facebook there is a IGCSE support group for home educators.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 14-Feb-17 09:46:36

And in case you haven't come across this

MarthaSF321 Tue 14-Feb-17 13:57:00

I'll follow too. DD nearly 14 currently out of school for anxiety and panic attacks. Weighing up options at the moment... Not quite brave enough yet to take the home ed plunge.
I have looked at Oxford as well.
Homerboy - would be very interested to hear what you and your DD think of it?
There seems to be loads of resources and advice groups on facebook, both locally and more specifically to IGCSES . I have found by joining everything you come across links to other useful things too.
It's great to hear other opinions and decisions from people in a similar situation / age group!
I have had lots of negative comments from friends and family, who basically tell me it'll never work.. but school isn't working either....
Trouble is my DD prefers to spend her time on social media and Youtube than study. We have good intentions but I don't know if we can be rigorous and self disciplined enough for home study (me included)
Any advice on a routine that works would be welcome!

homerboy12 Thu 23-Feb-17 12:58:15

MarthaSF321 - seems we could have same child ! Youtube agghhhhh!
So it starts next week, 5 IGCSEs Eng, Maths, Eng lit, hum biology and geography.
Still worried about the isolation but have to move forward...
Hoping there is a home ed group on facebook for teens??

user1486737884 Thu 23-Feb-17 13:01:18

Looks like we may well be joining you.

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