Lone parents, Home Ed and Universal Credits

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Sundance01 Mon 30-Jan-17 13:50:22

My daughter is a lone parent home educating her 7 year old - also has a two year old. She has been called to job centre to talk about the switch to universal credits and the info she has been given is scary - ie she must work 35 hrs per week, if she is working less she must make a plan to do everything she can to increase her hours.

We have a couple of years before this impacts on us as she works 16hr per week and gets Working Tax credits so will be one of the last to be transferred but the whole family is totally committed to HE so are wondering if anyone has been switched over already and how it is actually working in practice.

There are no disabilities or any past problems with school - HE is a personal choice based on the way we would like a child to be educated. We just want to make sure we are fully prepared and made any changes to our lifestyles we need to before it hits us.

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