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UK Home ed blogs?

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ASpiderInTheManger Sat 28-Jan-17 17:55:41

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good home ed blogs and could recommend please? My dd is 13 so ideally I'd like to look at blogs with similar aged children. I'd like to get some ideas and inspiration and also I suppose reassurance that we're doing okay.
Also based in the UK if possible.
Thanks smile

itsstillgood Sat 28-Jan-17 19:20:26

There is a group on Facebook called Home Ed Bloggers where people share links. Most of them are by families with younger children though. Many of those with older decide to make their blogs private as children reach teens as they get more mindful of the children's privacy plus tbh it is much less exciting to blog about which bits of a GCSE textbook you studied rather than here are photos of a messy science experiment we did so many long standing bloggers just seem to run out of steam.
I will check through my list and see if I can find any suitable next time I am on pc

ommmward Sat 28-Jan-17 19:25:09

I love this woman's writing

itsstillgood Sat 28-Jan-17 19:37:00

Can't do links from here but if you search I think the following all have children in early teens.

The Gallivanters
Adventures in Home school
Raising Little Shoots
Educating Hannah
Journey Unique
Never the Same 2 days Running

Not to forget the wonderful Grit' s Day

Well worth a read is Ross Mountney' s Notebook as someone who is out of the other side.

itsstillgood Sat 28-Jan-17 19:46:25

Xposted with Ommward there. I've been reading Grit on and off since very close to the start of her blog. She is fab smile

rosiesherry Mon 06-Feb-17 19:28:31

I have collected some here -

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