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Changing our minds?

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MarthaSF321 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:14:07

If we home ed and it doesn't work out what are the chances of getting back into the school? It's over subscribed but we live 5 minutes walk away. Or would DD be offered a place at another school further away and not as good?
Don't want to burn our bridges!
DD would ideally like to come out for a while but have the option to go back!

Thetruthfairy Sun 15-Jan-17 21:17:48

She would be offered a place at the nearest school with space.
In my area good schools have long waiting lists, and if you take your child out you would be lucky to get back in in the next few years.

Saracen Sun 15-Jan-17 22:47:30

You would be burning your bridges with this school, unless there is high turnover and you are going to be at the top of the waiting list. Even then, you wouldn't know how long you might be waiting for someone to leave.

You would certainly have the right to a place at a school, but not this if it will be full. You could send your dd to any school which has a vacancy. If there are none, you can ask the LA to provide her with a school place and they will have to do so, but this would be at whichever school is most able to accommodate an extra pupil.

If I were you I would first check with your daughter's school: is her year group at that school actually full? Is there anyone on the waiting list?

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