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blueeyes99 Wed 04-Jan-17 11:35:02

We're planning to do some GCSEs at home, and rather than get a tutor are looking at online homeschooling websites.

Has anyone tried I can't see any reviews on them. Unlike Wolsey Hall Oxford that also looks good but I prefer to do Edexcel to Cambridge board (current school do Edexcel and there is better supporting material available to buy through Pearson publishing).

Or any recommendations for other websites. But the structure of something like Interhigh or Briteschool would not work for us. Sorry I posted this in secondary ed before realising there's a home ed section on mumsnet.

didgeridooda Mon 09-Jan-17 03:08:01

How about National Extension College? Same board and also in Cambridge, apparently. But the one you're looking at is cheaper.
Have you managed to find out more about it? I'm also thinking about this.

blueeyes99 Mon 09-Jan-17 11:39:01

I did look at the NEC. I liked the website and you can instantly get a free sample of any course. It seemed well presented, but less interactive content than Absorb online learning. Also saw an NEC review by someone saying that although they would recommend NEC you may need to also get a private tutor (just one person's viewpoint thought).

If you are seriously considering Absorb online it's probably worth phoning them with any queries as the enquiry line was informative.

didgeridooda Mon 09-Jan-17 18:47:42

Interesting that Absorb is cheaper than the others. Wolsey charges over £500 for MFL.
I'm thinking of doing an IGCSE in French with DD, maybe just teaching her for it myself and hoping for the best. But would like to look at another couple of subjects that I would feel less comfortable about teaching myself. Not cheap, plus travel to exams (we are in Scotland, so could be quite tricky).

blueeyes99 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:49:51

I liked the look of Wolsey - looked professional and with a reasonable online content. I can see why they charge more as they have established a reputation. Absorb seemed similar price to most of the others I looked at.

So many websites are not much more than online textbooks plus someone who can mark your assignments. This doesn't appear to be the case with Wolsey and Absorb. I need the interactive content to keep my child engaged, interactive end of topic progress tests, informative videos etc. But I don't want to do Cambridge board. I think it worth phoning Absorb for a chat, and if you are ok with Cambridge board also phone Wolsey.

Yes I understand it must be tricky working out where to sit the IGCSE, (may influence which board you do).

Waitingfordolly Sat 14-Jan-17 19:51:59

We have used Wolsey Hall and liked them. We are looking at Absorb now for a subject that Wolsey Hall don't do, we met them at an event and my daughter liked the look of their website, I don't know much more about them though, did you find out any more about them?

blueeyes99 Mon 16-Jan-17 09:30:52

I am afraid I didn't find out any more about them. But I'm still considering using them. If you do sign up I'd be very interested to know how you are finding them and how they compare to Wolsey so please let me know, either post here or just pm me. If we do go ahead I'll let you know, but it will be a while.

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