Home education or school??

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Kirstyb23 Sun 01-Jan-17 23:57:00

Advice needed...happy New year to everyone. My son is 8 years old and currently in school. I home educAte my eldest son who is 12 and he is very settled and happy with his routine and friendships. My 8 yr old used to be home educated but a year ago he decided he wanted to go bk to school. He wanted to be with his friend's and loved learning. Now he is not enjoying school...he is always getting into trouble for talking and getting distracted because he is bored. He loves to chat and play and has alot of energy. His desire to want to learn has gone and is losing respect for his teachers. He says he hates going and it's making him miserable. He is very creative and sporty and does not get to do this kind of thing at school so i feel he is not able to be who he wants to be. My problem is this is, when he was home educated before he got bored and didn't make any friends. He gets bored very easily and I struggled to fulfill his needs. I cannot promise him he will be able to keep in touch with his school friends if he leaves as unfortunately he lost friends before when he left school. He loved having Xmas off and now the thought of him going back is making him miserable. I have given the choice to him but am I right in doing that. I dnt want to pull him out for him to miss all the interaction he gets. Any advice welcome. I am very torn and stressed about what to do.

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