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do home ed kids ever ask to go to school?

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workstostaysane Sun 18-Feb-07 21:44:51

hi there,
new to this topic but am thinking a lot about home edding dd. (cannot find any research that says anything bad about home ed. just random ranters concerned that someone might be bringing up their kids in a religion they don't like) anyway, my question is: do your kids ever ask to go to school? do they ever feel like they are missing out, or feel self-conscious about being different? would be grateful to know how the kids feel from those who have experience.
many thanks

SueW Sun 18-Feb-07 22:05:05

I don't home ed but I know of people who do. Yes sometimes previously school ed'd kids ask to go back to school. No idea about kids who have never been to school.

Runnerbean Sun 18-Feb-07 22:48:57

My dd was unsure about HE at first because she thought she would not have any friends. She liked the idea of learning at home though.
I tell her regularly that if at any time she is not happy she can return to school.

7 months into HE and she tells me,

"NO WAY!!!"

She assures me she is happy at home, now has loads of friends, both HE and her old school friends that she sees weeekly

She's only 7 and has expressed a desire to go to Grammar School and I'm happy to support that, so we are following the NC.
What happens when the time comes who knows!

I know quite a lot of HE children who try school but leave shortly afterwards.

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 10:43:10

Message withdrawn

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 17:02:02

Message withdrawn

workstostaysane Tue 20-Feb-07 14:04:15

normal sounds dreary to me as well but its often pretty important to a teenager.
i dont think i would home ed that long, but who knows? i'm just wondering if anyone who had never been to school or nursery became keen to try it out and what you said when they did

Muminfife Tue 20-Feb-07 14:28:25

Message withdrawn

workstostaysane Tue 20-Feb-07 20:05:41

hi muminfife,
how long do you think you will home ed your daughter? (if you don't mind my asking..)

Muminfife Tue 20-Feb-07 20:24:17

Message withdrawn

workstostaysane Tue 20-Feb-07 20:58:27

no reason why she should stop - i guess i was just wondering if you had a plan for it all or if you ever did. i am still trying to get my head around how i would do, no classes, curriculum, unschooling (whatever that means). someone on another thread mentioned charlotte mason who i am discovering about online now.
just trying to get an idea about how people do this...

Muminfife Wed 21-Feb-07 14:43:19

Message withdrawn

harpsichordcarrier Wed 21-Feb-07 14:49:10

I am not home-edding (still debating....) but I know some home edders. one of them has a daughter who is just seven and has just asked to go to school.

Jennylee Wed 21-Feb-07 15:00:52

yes sometimes to his old school where we used to live, not to the schools in this area, it does not bother me I know he was happy at that school, but we have to move out of here and look at the situation then but that could be another year away

Jennylee Wed 21-Feb-07 15:11:01

But he may never go back to school, Also i think a lot of home schoolers seem to be autonomous and de-school for several weeks or months and are against and teaching at a table with workbooks, but I do not do it like that i do a bit of work at the table most days so he can practice writing and in case when we move he starts nagging to go to school (never know it could happen) and the rest is stuff he wants to know, in an informal and autonomous child led way. To me, they have to learn to read and write eventually and do maths but everything else is up to us and it should be at the child's pace, not the pace of their age group at school necessarily. Are you in England?

Muminfife Wed 21-Feb-07 15:21:18

Message withdrawn

Jennylee Fri 23-Feb-07 01:21:39

Someone on a radio phone in picked up on the fact that I said 'my husband and me' in my interview ...instead of my husband and I' and said If I cannot even talk properly how can I teach. Feel a bit silly about it, just aswell I am not a teacher then lol

Fillyjonk Sat 24-Feb-07 09:50:54

some do, even when homeschooled from the start.

all the parents I have known this happen to have sent them, though I personally can see the arguements for saying no. Think its a case by case thing, really. But I feel strongly about my kids having agency over their own education and so-if they want to go and it doesn't screw up family life for the rest of us-fine.

In all cases the kids wanting to go to school were teenagers. All bets are off really, then, IMO, anyway.

kids do often want to experience school, its a common cultural experience. So they go for a bit. And then they can always leave, its not a problem.

Thats the thing, its not a now-and-foreever decision. They can always go to school for a term or two then leave again.

The HE community has, IMO, a very strong identity and HEdded kids normally feel quite proud of this. Although they are statistically a minority, normally they will know other HE'd kids and so get an identity from that.

Fillyjonk Sat 24-Feb-07 09:51:19

am pmsl jenny

cos teachers have perfect grammar at all times. oh yes.

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