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Cupcakesandscones Sun 27-Nov-16 11:11:15

Just a quick post on flexi-schooling really. I have discovered another primary school in the county where we reside (within 12 mile radius), which gives hopes that some schools, albeit a minority, are bucking the trend to offer flexi-schooling. However, that said, I did visit a school last week, which categorically refused to cater for flexi-schooling on the grounds that a) it would set a trend for other parents and they don't want to encourage flexi-schooling as an educational option, and b) it could affect their SAT results.

Thus, while some school websites actively announce and advertise the fact that they offer flexi-schooling, others are more subtle and one would have to approach the school directly to determine their stance.

Interestingly, the Ofsted reports for those schools, which I've found offering flexi-schooling, are positive of the educational practice.

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