How to tell School Nursery I will be home educating my youngest?

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Tiredsoverytired Tue 08-Nov-16 15:45:19


I de-registered my 8 year old from School in September (number of problems and made a post about it).

I have left my 3year old in the school Nursery (she started at Easter)

It has now came to it that I can't do much Home Education activities as my youngest is at Nursery (missing out out on meet ups and activities through nursery times)There is no problems surrounding the nursery and feel it has been the best one any of my children have been in. The staff are very loving and warm towards the children. The problems with my oldest is always in my mind though and already decided my youngest wont be going into reception.

DD2 is a total different child to DD1. The only problems with DD2 is her speech is holding her back. When she is at Nursery she "talks" through her bear or she just nods her head. When she is with me she is very talkative (not clear but she talks a lot)

When I de-registered my 8year old I sent the letter in. Do I need to do the same for dd2? she is 3 years old.

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Nigglenaggle Tue 08-Nov-16 15:50:36

No just tell them you don't need the place anymore as she'll be going to groups with her sister 😊

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