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Muddledmike Thu 06-Oct-16 14:13:31

My son is a changed person (for the worse) during term time. He has SpLD and and EHCP naming a specialist school, he finds it very hard dealing with the school environment. he has no real friends at school but does socialise out of school. He is 11. It's like we're serving a prison sentence. I've looked into every alternative school in the area in vain. We are both unhappy with the situation. I often think he would be better home ed. my main concern is, whilst I can teach him certain things, I'm not a teacher and also I think he needs specialist teaching, speech and language, dyslexia support, assistive technology etc (which is in his present EHCP). I haven't asked the LEA or anything as I don't want to rock the boat, but I assume that if I decide to home ed I have to find the funds for specialist teaching etc?

Boneyjoany Sat 08-Oct-16 00:52:15

Watching this thread with interest. In a similar position but our child is still mainstream. He gets lots of interventions which are all academically focussed when actually he's crippled socially. I'd love to take him out but I worry that he needs the interventions and I can't supply them. And that he won't have access to outside agencies if we home ed.

I wish someone would invent a sort of regional home ed SENCO!

ommmward Sat 08-Oct-16 15:22:05

My understanding of an EHCP is that it is specific to the educational environment, so the LA wouldn't consider themselves bound to deliver all that material assistance if your child were removed from school. I might be wrong, but that's my impression.

There are many many home educated children with SEN of one kind or another. Anecdotally, once the stress of the school environment is removed, and they've recovered from that experience, they begin to thrive and not need many (or even all) of the interventions that were required within school. Also, when home educating, the parent can really work at providing social experiences that are at the right level for that child, and that are managed so that they are positive, while the child learns the skills to begin to navigate social situations successfully and independently. And of course there are lots of home educated children who aren't maybe functioning socially with the confidence that one might expect of their age group, and all of their parents helping them learn to navigate with grace. I'm a real advocate for home education as a way for the bullied, the awkward, the out-of-kilter to learn to be socially confident.

I don't know of home educated children who are accessing specialist educational support, but it may just be that I don't move in those circles. I would say, though, that quite a lot of that support becomes unnecessary once you're working with the very high adult to child ratios you find in home ed, and once you can detach from the school mindset of educational product that looks like everyone else's educational product. E.g. if a child has trouble with literacy, you can do lots and lots of their education through conversation, and through you scribing for them or reading to them. Through that, they'll pick up literacy without stress as they go along, and you can get advice from other home edders about good approaches to literacy when there's dyslexia in the mix. And when they become independent with literacy is no big deal, because nobody needs to have paper evidence of their learning - you know perfectly well what they are learning, because you are there having the conversation, yk?

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Tue 25-Oct-16 09:48:18

As your son has an EHCP you are entitled to name EOTAS with f2f tutors or internet school as educational placement. Provided that both LA and parents agree that there is no other option (i.e. school) that can meet needs, then the LA remain responsible and pay tuition fees and also can pay for SALT, OT counselling etc which can all be delivered in the home via a Direct Payment/Personal Budget.

The new SENCOP recognises that parents of SEN DC should not be forced to HE. Not easy to achieve in reality - had to begin JR proceedings for DS1 after ss placement failed in year 9 and the LA option was to do nothing and fund nothing.

You would need permission from the LA to home ed as DS is in ss. The EHCP becomes unenforceable if you electively HE and deregister DC.

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