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Deregistering to HE in Scotland - do I tell the School?

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motherofaliens Wed 05-Oct-16 19:54:41

Hi, My 13 year old daughter is ill and has been off school for the last 10 months. Despite repeated requests for schoolwork, meetings, going to the head of the education deparment, and despite being told everything would be sorted out - we have had little to no support from the school or LA. Consequently my dd (who is used to excelling academically) is stressed about how far behind her peers she is getting, which in turn affects her health.
After much research we have taken the plunge to HE and have requested consent to deregister. My question is to others (particularly those based in Scotland where the rules are slightly different) who have gone through this procesd - did you inform the school separately that you had requested consent to HE? Even out of courtesy? I dont want to jeapordise anything, but I cant help feeling I should be letting them know. Has anyone done this, and what was the consequence - good, bad, indifferent? Thanks

primitivemom Wed 09-Nov-16 01:34:04

Am in a similar situation, bumping for advice for us . Am in Scotland too x

LilQueenie Wed 09-Nov-16 01:39:36

I'm aware of those who have done this and did not tell the school within scotland so I think its ok.

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