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How do I convince my dh?

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Spiderpigspiderpig Fri 30-Sep-16 19:57:11

My ds is 7. He is in yr 2. He is behind most of his classmates academically although there are no sen.
He hates going to school, says its boring, struggles with the work and sitting still for most of the day.
I am a forest school and outdoor educator so feel very strongly about outdoor learning.
I think ds is spending too much time in the classroom.
I want to pull him out, potentially flexi school, or home school fully.
There is a fab home school group lovally with access to open woodlands with some great activities going on.
My dh won't even consider pulling ds out and says that ds just has to accept that this is what school is. hmm
I'm stuck.

Saracen Fri 30-Sep-16 21:31:18

What reasons does your dh give for preferring to leave your son in school?

If he's unprepared to discuss the subject, then it seems to me that the only parent who takes enough interest in their child's education to learn about the options, and who is prepared to have a reasoned discussion about them, wins by default.

Or... your family has tried school for two years and your son hates it. You've never tried home education. How can any of you be in a position to be sure what is best for your little boy until you have tried the alternatives? So it's only fair to try home ed for a good long while now, and see how the two compare. Then make a decision about which way to continue. (It might be different if your son were happy and thriving at school, in which case one might sympathise with the view that if the education ain't broke there's no need to fix it. Does your husband believe your son is happy at school?)

Or... if you or your dh hated your job, you'd try to find a different job or career. You would not shrug your shoulders, accept that this is what work is, and stay in the same miserable place for the next decade. Do the two of you love your son any less than you love yourselves, that you would condemn him to years of unhappiness rather than making a change?

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