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Buggeritimgettingup Thu 08-Sep-16 21:24:33

Hi,just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and if there were any groups to inform me and my dh.


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Cupcakesandscones Thu 08-Sep-16 21:47:55

I have just started flexi-schooling. My DC - at the age of 5 - has joined a mixed class of Reception and YR1. This was the best fit I could find both in terms of having a summer born child and a sudden change of circumstances meaning I can't HS full-time. My DC is attending 3 full days per week and I HS the other two. We have got off to a lousy start but that's not due to flexi-schooling but more to do with the school's culture.

Gove has made flexi-schooling incredibly difficult for schools to accommodate. That said, if you are keen, simply email or phone schools to establish if they are prepared to accommodate your request.

There are 2 primary schools in England that have a high proportion of flexi-schooled pupils and they have both achieved Good Ofsted reports.

They are:
Erpingham Primary School

HollinsClough C of E School

Hope that helps.

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