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Anyone else's DC starting at Interhigh tomorrow?

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nennyrainbow Sun 04-Sep-16 19:10:38

Just wondering. DS1 is starting year 7 and we are both a bit nervous. I am, because computers are not my thing and worried about running into technical difficulties and not knowing how to help. He is, because he is worried everyone will be more competent than him.

user1471537877 Mon 05-Sep-16 10:03:17

Hi Nenny

Hope it's all going well for you and your ds, our DD is now in year 9 at Inter and I can well remember our nerves on that first day

It's amazing what the school can do over the Internet, I well remember Paul running our computer that first day when we had a problem they really know their stuff

Over the last 18 months our DD has had an amazing time, the highlight being the PGL weekend earlier this year

Before you know it your DS will be in the swing, making friends in common room and having a fab time

I don't know if year 7 will have the opportunity to go but the rest of key stage 3 have a trip in Nov to Harry Potter, join in meet some of us it's fantastic when they meet up in real life

nennyrainbow Tue 06-Sep-16 11:50:05

Hi user
Thanks for the reassuring reply. I didn't know about the Harry Potter trip - shame because we went there as a family in the summer holidays about a month ago!

We're doing ok so far, 2nd day and 4 lessons in. He's even submitted some homework. However, we have a technical problem in that we can't open any of the lesson folders in the library. What's the best way to get technical support? I've tried clicking the 'request support' button on the home page but it didn't seem to get me anywhere but I imagine it may just be that they are incredibly busy having had lots of new starters. Should I keep trying at different times of day, or is there a number to phone other than the office?

user1471537877 Tue 06-Sep-16 16:59:06

Have just checked with DD and if the lesson has been uploaded but you can't open it then go to the main site and ask for tech support

Natalie and the other back room staff are also very helpful, I can direct message the number if you don't have it but again admin should be on the website

DD also says if you can't access the lesson file contact the subject teacher and they will send it directly to you usually

nennyrainbow Wed 07-Sep-16 22:17:06

Thanks. I got through to technical support in the end and have at least got around the problem if not completely solved it. DS is using a Mac so we had to rename all the downloaded files in order to view them correctly on it as the system is designed to work on a PC. Weird how they remotely control your computer! Glad I didn't have my holiday snaps on the desktop...grin

user1471537877 Wed 07-Sep-16 22:40:42

Glad you've managed to sort things and yes it's quite amazing and scary how they can remote access your computer

Hopefully you're starting to feel more settled and reassured and your son is making new friends

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