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Coping with negative opinions for Home Ed

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wongy Mon 08-Aug-16 15:21:12

Just wondered how, if any, people have coped with negative views on Home Ed. Im having trouble with my parents accepting our decision. Ds9 has been asking for 18 months to be schooled at home, to the point of the last few weeks on the term, he was getting increasingly upset about moving upto year 5. He has Asperger's and has always found school and socialising difficult.
I tried to put my point across but I get flustered and it doesnt make sense.

ommmward Mon 08-Aug-16 21:14:38

"he's had such a terrible time at school, we're going to take him out for a term and give him some recovery time and concentrated attention to build up his confidence again"

"blah blah objection blah blah"

"well, we'll just see how he gets on for the autumn term"

"blah blah objection"

"we'll just try it for a term and see how he gets on"

"blah blah"

"yes, we will just try it and see. We'll pop him back in school if it is no better than school was".

Rinse and repeat. Don't justify yourself. Don't enter into whys and wherefores, or abstract conversations about whether home Ed is justifiable. Cycle round your three points: School wasn't working; home Ed for now will be therapeutic for him; you will revisit the possibility of school soon. That will take the wind out of almost anybody 's sails ☺

Saracen Mon 08-Aug-16 23:54:41

What ommmward said!

Mumstheword21 Tue 09-Aug-16 16:05:12

When is MN going to get a like button?!!

Congratulations on your decision Wongy, do as Ommward says and once you can see for yourself how well your son is doing you'll feel a lot stronger in your convictions.

wongy Wed 10-Aug-16 08:58:08

Thanks everyone, thats kinda what I said. I just keep having wobbles an doubting myself

FionaJNicholson Wed 24-Aug-16 16:11:28

Coming to this a bit late

We're out the other side with home ed now my son is grown up but I just wanted to say that I felt obligated to try and deal with all my mum's concerns and with the benefit of hindsight I feel it didn't help.

In the end I settled for variants on "I'm sorry you feel that way but you know how stubborn I am"

Emilyfarnsbarns Fri 26-Aug-16 23:28:45

Great advice already!
I just wanted to say that i had negative parental comments too when we didn't send our DC to school in reception. Two years on, and having joined us on a couple of organised home ed trips, my Dad has recently said to me that he thinks what we're doing is great. I was gobsmacked!
A more seasoned home ed Mum told me at the beginning of our journey that our children will be the proof that home ed works, and she was absolutely right. Once they see the child happier, more relaxed, thriving, it's difficult to keep knocking it!

Good luck! And enjoy!

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