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Where to start?

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Micah Tue 12-Jul-16 11:58:39

Looks like we might need to home ed for a year or so while we relocate and find schools.

Dc are year 7 and year 3. Are there online resources? Where do you start? I am educated to post grad level so not too worried about the content but would have no idea on curriculum. I'd like to work with school curriculum as much as possible so if they do want to go back to mainstream school they can re-integrate as easily as possible.


Saracen Tue 12-Jul-16 15:35:28

Hi Micah!

I guess it probably depends on how long they are likely to be waiting for places. I wouldn't worry about details or sticking to the National Curriculum if it might only be a few weeks. You can do whatever you think would suit your children. For example, do some museum trips, focus on some area where you think they need a boost, or let them branch out to work on something not normally done in schools, such as developing an interest in painting or computer programming.

Once the dust has settled and you know what the school options are and where they are on the waiting lists, you might approach the schools where you hope they will gain places and ask which textbooks, reading programmes etc they use, which foreign language your older child is likely to be doing at school and so on.

You can look at the National Curriculum online. You could also go to WH Smiths and let your children choose a few appropriate workbooks if that approach appeals to you. You aren't required to cover every subject so you could concentrate on whichever ones you think your own children most need.

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