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Learning Robotics(Lego Mindstorm) on his own by 10 years old

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mom17 Mon 20-Jun-16 05:56:24

I want my son to start learning Robotics and I have decided to go ahead with Lego Mindstorm EV3. Since it is too costly and moreover he doesn't have access/time to good coaching, I would like him to start on his own. Can Parents/educator guide me for this, looking for youtube videos/books etc. which can help in this learning or anything which you feel appropriate for serious study of the same.

jomidmum Mon 20-Jun-16 11:42:32

My son was in a local home ed group for Lego robotics. He learnt loads there. Have you looked for one in your area, as there are quite a few about?
All the best.

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