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How can I meet local HE families?

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Blobbag Sun 19-Jun-16 20:43:05

My DD (4 yr old) didn't get any of our choice of very local schools and was allocated one that is inaccessible to us. We have declined it as she suffers with anxiety and we have been working toward the gradual transition from preschool to reception, building friendships that she can progress with. All this has been in vain, now we are without a school and low on the waiting lists, we are going to appeal soon but I'm not hopeful. I feel like I have let her down as her friends will be moving off and she will be staying put with me. I shall continue to try the school but in the meantime, start home educating her in case nothing comes off. I don't want her to be isolated as she needs friends to build confidence, I'm very worried about the whole situation, I feel very let down by 'the system', I feel like a let down to her because our house is 100m too far from the school (which is less than half a mile away). I need some advice on how to go forward with this, how to meet local HE families and to see the light at the end of the tunnel, HELP!!(please)

ommmward Sun 19-Jun-16 23:59:11

Search for your county or nearest big city plus "home Ed" or "home education" on Facebook. There will almost certainly be groups covering your area ☺

Mumstheword21 Mon 20-Jun-16 16:26:57

If you follow Ommm's advice you will soon find that there it is virtually impossible for her to be isolated (particularly as you appear to live in a fairly densely populated area!).

Far from letting her down, it is highly likely that once you find out just how much is going on and how well she is able to flourish both socially and academically (at her own pace) then you may well find yourself counting your blessings smile

Enjoy HE, you'll have loads of fun!!!

Blobbag Mon 20-Jun-16 21:56:53

Thank you both so much, feeling much more positive about the situation today, onward and upward 🎓

Numberoneisgone Mon 20-Jun-16 22:00:43

Aw OP I am sorry to hear your predicament. Literally not 5 minutes ago I was just saying how sad I was to my own DH that our son with ASD has no appropriate placement next year. It is not easy flowers I hope you find HE works really well for your DD unfortunately we both work so we just need to wait until DS gets a place in September 12 months but I think HE would be by far the best option.

ASpiderInThebath Mon 20-Jun-16 22:23:37

I home educate my children. The lady from our LEA who meets with home educating families advised me of a couple of groups in our area and gave me their details. I know (from reading people's experiences on here) that not all LEAs are very helpful to home educating families but ours was brilliant and if it wasn't for her then I wouldn't have connected with half as many other families.

NewLife4Me Mon 20-Jun-16 22:34:42

I agree that if your LA is helpful they can put yu in touch with groups.
have you tried looking on Yahoo and contacting your local group, if there is one.
Also, with a four year old, would it have to be H.ed children? Could you still see her friends who are going off to school sometimes.
If you have the money you could try a nursery with other 3/4 year olds, not her age I know, but could do just one session.
Rainbows and dance classes/ other activities aren't school based and she could meet new friends at such activities.

Good luck, you'll have lots of fun and who knows you might decide to continue even when the place becomes available, you wouldn't be the first. grin

itsstillgood Tue 21-Jun-16 12:36:44

Chances are if you live in an area with school place problems you will have a thriving home ed group nearby. I'm one of the contacts for our local group and usually have a couple of people who have same story as you join every year. Most do successfully slide into school when places come up but some do fall for the home ed lifestyle ;)
My advice is the same as Ommwards - Facebook first, search by county, local city and then town - you may find groups for all - if you only have County or City post and ask if there are any local to you meets/home eders. Yahoo is also worth a look.

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