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Starting with home education in September !

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6timesthemess Sun 19-Jun-16 14:06:19

dh and i have been talking about taking our second oldest out of school for about 2 years now. he struggles with school his reading and writing (especially writing) have been an issue for his entire school career so far. He is 9 now and he has very low confidence because he is always struggling to keep up in school. he says he hates school,cries if he has to read (although he can read).

we are thinking that at this point even if we remove him from that situation and do nothing else it would make things better for him emotionally!

we have 5 other children .the oldest staring secondary in September, one going into year 3, one going into year 2, one starting reception and a baby who will be 11 months in September.

Really now we have made that choice we are just lookinh round going um....what now?

We are routine loving family, we like our calendars and shedules and my son finds these especially important so we are hoping to have a structure to the day even If ItS really vague.

Any advice would be greatly received!

Tinuviel Sun 19-Jun-16 15:52:55

Hi 6times,

If you're looking for advice on structure, you might want to join 'A little bit of structure', which is a private forum for home ed families who like to plan a bit/a lot. It's fairly quiet these days but very friendly and there's usually people who will answer questions, make suggestions if you have anything you want to know.

itsstillgood Sun 19-Jun-16 19:29:52

I second the forum mentioned above, it's quiet but very friendly. There is also a lovely Facebook group for people who have some children in school at the same time as home educating others as that can throw up issues called Home ed/school families.

I find we have always needed a bit of structure, ours is quite open, shaped around HE groups and changes with the seasons.

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