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AEFES - New Home Education Festival

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ghome1971 Fri 03-Jun-16 07:12:38

There is a new home Education Festival called AEFES for any of you that are interested.

DATES: 21-28 JULY 2016
LOCATION: SUSSEX (Park Farm Caravan & Camp Site - Park Farm, Junction Road Bodiam, East Sussex , TN32 5XF )

TICKETS can be purchased from AEFES at

AEFES are a community of adults, teenagers and children... Working in unity to create a festival for the home education community.
Here all voices are heard, all opinions considered and all decisions are made in a completely democratic setting.
AEFES believes in trust, faith and community spirit. Working as a team to create something magical for everyone.
AEFES is where the entire community; young and old are contributing; whether it may me the legal bits, finding venues, playing music, running workshops, creating the logo and website or simply discussing ideas.
AEFES is created by the Home Education Community - For the home education community.

ADULT: £50
STUDENT: £45 (age 16+)
CHILD: £35 (Age 16 and under)
INFANT: FREE (0-3 years)

The facebook discussion group is

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