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Temporary Home Ed- problems!

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Minxz Wed 17-Jan-07 08:47:29

I have a 13 yr old daughter, who was bullied so much for almost 3 years at secondary that after running away from school again, I decided to keep her at home while I got her into a new school. This has proved harder than i thought, and have an appeal at a very good school on Friday.
While she's been at home we have had work sent from the school, she's done BBC Bitesize, and SAT books I bought her.
I have had a few chats with the ed welfare lady, who's very nice, and she's been happy with this.
Up till now...! Apparently I have to formally remove my daughter from the school very soon, so her place can be used for someone else, she's not allowed to stay on school roll if she's not there. That's fine, but my worry is what if the appeal doesn't work.. then I have my daughter at home all the time and no school!
It's hard to get her working properly, as I have a 7 month old baby, and she's distracted by him. Our house isn't very big, so i can't take him off to other rooms all the time. Yesterday we had a huge row, and she refused to do anything! I told her that if she was at school she'd have to work, to which i got the reply that i was the worst mum in the world.. Grr.
I have set her a history project to do, and set maths worksheets, and feel able to help her in her eductaion at this stage ( I was a Teaching Assistant for 8 years, and am studying my degree at home)but it's getting harder with a baby in the house.
Does anyone else have this problem with teenage children? How do you switch into 'teacher' mode without your child having a strop?!

I am finding it much harder to enforce work on my daughter than i did on a class of 29 8 year olds!!
Any help/tips would be appreciated.

TheodoresMummy Sun 18-Feb-07 19:59:32

Can I please ask what your daughter's wishes are ? Does she want to go to the new school ? She may be feeling very worried considering her past experience. Would she like to stay HEd.

By the way, I used to say things like that to my Mum all the time as a younger teenager and NEVER meant it. She only lashed out at you like that because you are closest to her (i'm sure you know that tho).

Saturn74 Thu 22-Feb-07 11:25:10

Re "but my worry is what if the appeal doesn't work.. then I have my daughter at home all the time and no school!"
Frankly, I think you need to put a rocket up the backside of someone at the LEA.
They need to be actively helping with finding a suitable place at another school for your daughter.
You shouldn't be in a position where you are forced to HE because there are no places at suitable schools - especially after her current school sound like they have failed to solve the bullying problem.
Has your daughter had any counselling?
Have you contacted Kidscape, as they may be able to advise.
Is the LEA providing home tuition whilst your daughter is enrolled in a state school, but not attending due to bullying?
If you as a family decide you want to HE, then that is fine, but you shouldn't have to do it because there is no school place available.
Put all your concerns in writing, and send them to the Director of Education in your area - contact details can usually be found on the website of your local council.
Good luck - and kick butt!

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