Trying to decide wether to homeschool. Stressed.

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BerrySquash Tue 03-May-16 22:44:34

Hello. Sorry in advance, this is going to be a really long one.
I have two children, one in reception and one in year two. I'm a single parent, currently on benefits due to my health. I wanted to become a teaching assistant to fit in with schools hours and term time so am in the process of gaining a qualification and have been volunteering in my childrens school. My gosh it is breaking my heart seeing the way some of the teaching staff talk to and about the children there ( and in front of me, knowing my children go there). Before my daughter started school I was seriously considering homeschooling, she barely went to preschool as I didn't see any reason to leave my child at preschool when she could stay with her mummy. We did plenty of playgroups,daytrips, softplays etc etc so she didn't miss out on socailising and learning through play. I think part of the reason I ended putting her in school as I moved around a lot as a child probably why I'm so shy and wanted her to have longterm friends.
It's really important to me that my children grow up to be happy, kind and compassionate people (not just smart) and I feel thats more likely if they're schooled by someone who's patient, who genuinely cares about them, who has time to go through things they dont understand etc ie their mother. There's a few things thats holding me back. For example, I'm on benefits at the moment but I would like to one day support myself financially, how will I do this when homeschooling, I have no family or support system so can't even have anyone babysit if I were to work nights. My TA qualification-and then later teaching training- would have to go on hold for at least 6 years til they're both at secondary school). Just to mention a couple of things. But, my children are most important than those things. I'm a very keen and fast learner so I have no worries about me learning and teaching them at all. My concerns are more finacail as my only income is benefits and I cant change that anytime soon if homeschooling confused

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BerrySquash Tue 03-May-16 22:48:05

Excuse my writing, was falling asleep by the time I reached the end of that post. Hope it makes sense.

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SunnySomer Tue 03-May-16 22:52:47

There may be someone better qualified to comment on this aspect than me, but my first thought is, how would you square this choice with the DWP? (I mean surely your benefits would reduce?).
Second thought is: I've regularly volunteered in two different primary schools and have never heard staff say terrible things to or about children. Particularly so in KS1, where I've only seen caring, supportive people. I'm wondering if the school your children go to may not be the best one, and if you could look into changing schools to a more nurturing, caring one?

SunnySomer Tue 03-May-16 22:56:06

PS just reread what I wrote and it sounds negative which I don't really mean it to do. I just wondered if you'd considered all the options?

Saracen Tue 03-May-16 23:29:48

Single parents who home educate find various solutions. For example, you might consider a different job which you could do while looking after your children, such as running a business from home. Not easy, but some people do it.

Another idea is to use paid childcare, such as a childminder. You can use the childcare element of Tax Credits to reduce the cost, just as you could if you sent your kids to school but worked during non-school hours. Again, it isn't a completely satisfactory solution, as you still have to pay part of the cost of childcare, but it might make it possible for you to work.

Sunflowersmiling Fri 06-May-16 07:05:41

Hi, which area do you live in? There's home education support groups in most places that may be able to offer meet ups/make friends with for you and your children. I think you could get tax credits for childminder, so you can work too. Just a thought, have you the space at home to set yourself up as a childminder?

I'm also considering HE and a single parent with no support. It's a worry knowing what to do for the best. good luck with your decision xxx

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