Declining secondary school place to home ed

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isittheholidaysyet Wed 27-Apr-16 22:45:23

We have decided to home ed our eldest in September instead of him starting in Yr 7.
However, we applied for secondary school and were allocated a place.
I think we need to cancel the place by contacting the school, but do we just need to say 'Thanks, but we no longer want a place at your school.' Or is there a more formal, legal, 'de-registration-style' letter I need to write?

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nennyrainbow Fri 29-Apr-16 22:32:52

We've just done the same for DS1. Applied for our local (very large) mainstream secondary last autumn, but Realised a few months later that he won't cope for various reasons, and booked him into Interhigh.

We got a letter from the local secondary school a week or two after offers day which said we had to confirm or cancel our place by a certain date. So I just ticked the box saying "we will not be accepting this place" and sent it back. I also phoned the council using the number on the offer letter and confirmed with them that we were not taking up the place. The person on the phone said to put it in an email so I did. Nothing very official.

isittheholidaysyet Tue 03-May-16 12:39:09

Thanks. We had an offer letter which said to decline by a certain date if you did NOT want the place, which we hadn't done.

However it is all sorted now, admissions wanted an email saying we didn't want a place. Rang the school and they took us off the list by phone. Easy.

So that's it, home ed after the summer!

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