Taking them out of the system for just 1 year - does it work?

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bacon Wed 20-Apr-16 12:46:57

Both boys have a great life here and can work outside they learn practical skills. DS1 is due to go to comp next yr but has struggles this year he seems to be bored and fed up and is getting disruptive. DS2 yr 2 is struggling full stop. I am getting a tutor to help anyway at my cost. They are at a lovely age and so helpful (sometimes) however they are very boisterous and argumentative. I was thinking of withdrawing them out for the next year so they can enjoy the fruits of our work. I will be happy to pay for a tutor twice a week however I have to work so wont be having endless jollys out and socialising. My worry for DS2 is the next teacher in juniors is very laid back and has tends to have lots of sick leave. But then having them both here 24/7 also sends a shiver down my back.

Really dont know what to do - any opinions or experiences?

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Saracen Wed 20-Apr-16 17:11:31

It could certainly work.

My main concern would be whether you'll manage to get any work done with them underfoot. I take it you work from home, or if not what are your childcare plans for them?

I think you'd do fine without a tutor. It really isn't difficult. So how about redirecting that money toward a babysitter-type person who could take the kids out on those jollys and socialising, at a far lower hourly rate than the tutor? And then you can get on with your work undisturbed for a good few hours a week. I bet you could find local HE parents who would be happy to take your kids out along with their own for a modest payment.

That's what I did when I used to work from home, because I had a young child who wasn't going to play quietly in the corner alone for hours on end! It suited all of us really well.

musicposy Fri 10-Jun-16 07:33:22

It certainly would work, but be aware of the possibility they may not be happy to go back.

We took DD2 our of school at 8 to get her out of a specific school situation for that year only. She ended up still in home ed at 16! Once we'd started home ed, there seemed no reason to return - she was happier and being at home always seemed the better option.

1tsonlyme Fri 10-Jun-16 23:26:15

I took both my boys out for a year. We are still home schooling three years later. Yes it is possible but you may not get them back into the same school and as previous posters have said they may not want to go back.

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