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Seeking a recommendation for online / Skype tutor

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BoboChic Thu 17-Mar-16 18:10:40

We live in Paris. DD is totally bilingual and rather good at English - rather a lot better than her fellow pupils in bilingual schools. I'm thinking of swapping her to a (very academic) French school and HEing her for English using online / Skype tutors. But I don't have any knowledge of this sector. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? She is four years off iGCSE English Language, English Literature and, perhaps, History or Geography.

semideponent Thu 17-Mar-16 18:23:33

Roughly Yr 7/8 level then?

We have used Tutorfair for our ds - quite a few of the tutors there offer Skype sessions (or would if they were asked). Tutorfair has a good system for booking sessions and, crucially, you can see a tutor's reviews and educational background before paying anything at all.

I'll probably be advertising there myself in a couple of months!

There are also a few distance learning courses available in the UK, mostly for HE or international pupils. A couple are based in Oxford. I've made enquiries in the past but never actually used them, so can't really comment beyond telling you that they exist.

BoboChic Thu 17-Mar-16 18:24:54

Thanks. Has your DS taken any exams yet?

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