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BoboChic Thu 17-Mar-16 18:10:40

We live in Paris. DD is totally bilingual and rather good at English - rather a lot better than her fellow pupils in bilingual schools. I'm thinking of swapping her to a (very academic) French school and HEing her for English using online / Skype tutors. But I don't have any knowledge of this sector. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? She is four years off iGCSE English Language, English Literature and, perhaps, History or Geography.

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semideponent Thu 17-Mar-16 18:23:33

Roughly Yr 7/8 level then?

We have used Tutorfair for our ds - quite a few of the tutors there offer Skype sessions (or would if they were asked). Tutorfair has a good system for booking sessions and, crucially, you can see a tutor's reviews and educational background before paying anything at all.

I'll probably be advertising there myself in a couple of months!

There are also a few distance learning courses available in the UK, mostly for HE or international pupils. A couple are based in Oxford. I've made enquiries in the past but never actually used them, so can't really comment beyond telling you that they exist.

BoboChic Thu 17-Mar-16 18:24:54

Thanks. Has your DS taken any exams yet?

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